Crucial times

An armed robber comes at your place, threatens you, started robbing you, you see police doing nothing but taking the robber’s side. What will you do?

You will defend obviously!
When you defended with whatever plates, kitchen items you have handy, the robber got also injured in it.

You must have been traumatised to see the armed robber, and the police together but then
next day, the mainstream media shows that “both sides were involved” as even the robber got injuries, they don’t even show robber as robber but an innocent wanderer who somehow entered your home and got the beatings. The media expected you that you should have treated him as a guest!!

Though, you repeatedly complained that you have been robbed with many materials and even many people are badly wounded in your home but you are shown as not peaceful citizens for not allowing whatever was happening to let it happen peacefully, and the media trial was in full swing.

You realised – The whole system from robber to police to media are on the same page.
You recalled that even the robber, while robbing you, was screaming that police is with them.

Media trial has already begun, you are already declared as “equally responsible” “It was a clash” “Both sides responsible” narratives.

Your case somehow goes to court, The judge who gave a just a bit of scolding to the police was transferred late night.

  • It is now – You versus the entire corrupt system.

And yes, it is not a movie scene as many have grown up seeing all this in movies only.

Now, plan and have some productive strategy how you will confront the entire corrupt system?

Plan well.

Hasbunallahu Wa’nimal Wakeel.

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