Be like the Beavers

SubhanAllah! We have stopped by a masjid to offer our salah, and just adjacent to the masjid we witnessed a beaver.

While trying to capture the beaver in my cell camera,
I asked my family, “What is remarkable about beavers?”
I instantly got the reply – “Building dams, mashaAllah they are engineers.”

Weeks later, I did a bit of research about beavers, I was truly amazed that Allah Al-Khaaliq
(The Creator) has made beavers who are from rodent family such skilled engineers to an extent that the world’s largest beaver dam is visible from space in satellite images.
Yes! It is almost 800 metres long from end-to-end, and holds back run-off water from the Birch Mountains in the southernmost end of Wood Buffalo National Park.

As a person who likes to ponder, and reflect. I would like to draw some parallels, and the lessons we need to be learning from them.

The beavers are known to strategically stop the flow of water by building a dam out of logs and mud, the entire point of a dam is to create a still body of water for the beaver to make it a home and raise a family protected from the predators. Their predators (bobcats, wolves, and coyotes) are almost entirely land mammals.

SubhanAllah! Even beavers who are rodents are blessed with this art of stopping the flow, and make it work in their favour, we as muslims should definitely learn this art of going against the flow (if it is not in our favour islamically), even stopping the flow, even if we have to engineer an entire dam of efforts for it, then too we should do it, rather than going with the flow of the present capitalist society which promotes freedom of the whims and desires, and instills in everbody the fear of missing out (FOMO), and to do things which are morally incorrect.
Building a resistance in the flow, would really require strategy as you are standing against the flow of the society which is predator in nature, and even satanic in its approaches and applications.

Interestingly! The beaver’s dam can trap nutrients from streams that would have otherwise run off into the ocean. We also know from an official report that in 2010, a satellite picked up an unusual natural formation in Canada. It was the largest beaver dam in the world – visible from space. It is approximately 900 meters wide. It is said that this largest dam was built by only two beavers. We should also focus on having the right people in our lives, quality over quantity matters. If we have a team of even few people, doing the right thing at the right time along with the right methodology then it is all what is required, it will be so visible that space will also be a witness to it. Today, we see all around people getting stung from the same hole (getting deceived) again and again for instance these so called organisations like UN,ICC,ICJ, OIC they all have shown their true colours, mere distorted rhetoric’s that too after prolonged delay, and even the rhetorics are non binding upon the oppressors, but still people have high hopes with them, and they believe that these institutions somehow can bring the liberation of the oppressed.
Well! We should be smart enough to know the different spider’s strands like UN, OIC, ICC, ICJ and etc who are frailest of all the support like the spider’s home which is not even considered a home due to its weakness to provide protection. We should have the correct vision, with correct methodology in hand which will enable one to strategically build what is truly required.

We should clearly know who our allies are, and what is our vision, and we should have clear methodology to achieve it, otherwise we will keep moving in the vicious circles of turmoil and ambiguity.

Be like the Beavers.
Have the ability to stop the flow, but only jazbah (spirit) will not suffice, have the right strategy, methodology and know your allies, if you will make predators your allies then you have made it all void!

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