Al Kareem

Beautiful names of our Rabb


Meaning – The Most Generous, The Most Esteemed and The Beneficent.

Allah Al-Kareem Himself says: “O mankind! What has made you careless about your Lord, Al-Kareem (The Generous, The Beneficient)”
(Holy Quran 82:06)

In the ayat “O mankind! What has made you careless about your Lord, Al-Kareem?”
The Arabic word which is used in the above ayat (verse) is “bi Rabbikal Kareem” meaning “from your Rabb The Most Generous, Al Kareem”

Just try to reflect on the beautiful way of Allah Al Kareem asking us, even while questioning about our heedlessness, carelessness, He Al Kareem is so generous that He is establishing the beautiful connection with us “Bi Rabbikal Kareem (Your Lord Who is Al Kareem)”.

We really need to ask ourselves what has deviated us from our Rabb Who is Al Kareem?

Allah Al Kareem has blessed us with innumerable gifts, has given us intelligence and countless resources  through which we make new discoveries and invent requisite beneficiaries for mankind.

“And He has made whatever in the heavens and in the earth, all of it, subservient to you, [a gift] from Him”
(Holy Quran, 45:13).

It is remarkable to note that Allah’s book – Quran, is also called as kareem, because it is full of  guidance, blessings and beneficial reminders.
Allah Al Kareem has blessed us with His words as a guidance and mercy to reach to the straight path – to Al Kareem, but are we grateful for Al Kareem’s blessings?

“… whoever is grateful, he is grateful only for (the good of) his own soul, and whoever is ungrateful, surely my Lord is self-Sufficient, Honoured”
(Holy Quran, 27:40).

Allah Al Kareem has clearly mentioned that if we are grateful then it is for our own good and if we are ungrateful then Allah Al Kareem is free of all wants.

We need to understand that gratitude is an attitude which we carry as a part of our personality, it gets embedded into our behavior, gratitude simply doesn’t mean only the utterance of alhamdulillah but it means to say alhamdulillah by our heart and cherishing it by utilising His bestowed gifts and blessings in His path.

There are people who consider themselves that they are not blessed enough and they drag themselves to ingratitude by considering they are good for nothing types.
They should understand that Shaitan (Satan) is an open enemy to all and one of the best weapon he uses to stop the believers from being productive is by dragging them to ingratitude.

We need to understand that ingratitude can lead us to kufr (rejection) as being in the state of ingratitude, we often neglect and even reject the presence of blessings of Allah Al Kareem, Who has blessed us all in different ways and forms.
We need to understand that if we are grateful then it is indeed for our own good as being grateful to Allah Al Kareem’s blessings will enable the believer to be optimistic and utilise those blessings in some productive manner in His way.

Allah Al Kareem has made us with clay but has chosen us and honoured us above other creations, even Shaitan (Satan) realised this and said-

“Do You see this one whom You have honored (karram-ta) above me? If You give me respite until the Day of Resurrection, I will surely destroy his descendants, except for a few.”
(Holy Qur’an 17:62)

The word “karram ta” (You have honoured) comes from the same root Karam. Allah Al Kareem has honoured mankind and preferred the humans over other creations, even Shaitan (Satan) who used to be an obedient jinn became envious of our honour and became rebellious and an avowed enemy to us on such an honour and preference Allah Al Kareem has blessed us with, so we need to understand that we have no ground or reason to under estimate ourselves and be ungrateful after being highly blessed by Allah Al Kareem, may Allah Al Kareem bless us with gratitude and may we utilise His blessings in His way and may Allah Al Kareem protect us from the deceptions of shaitan. Ameen.

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