Persecuted, looted, raped, you are made to flee from your country, but not only this, the other man made boundaries are closed for thee, 

O Rohyngya Muslims, how forsaken you all are indeed! 

Sometimes even in boats and stranded at sea. 

How will they accept thee, you are a burden for some, for some national threat, 

From some, more than enough aid with duas and sabr have already reached thee, so it is more than suffice!

Some are even labelling your sufferings as the sin you have carried. 
I wonder, How can we accuse you of being big sinners, knowing somewhere we all are in this category! 

But you don’t worry, probably after some time, like we have somewhere forgotten Kashmir, Palestine, Syria Egypt, C. A. R, we may also most probably sideline thee or may be it won’t matter to us in least degree, you know why? 

Because you are portrait as national threats, terrorists, and sinners who are supposed to suffer, and we will buy all this from mainstream, as obviously this is easier than to come forward and defend thy honour. After all, if we will raise our voice for you, then we may also land up in some trouble. 
But Alhamdulillah, 

Khair is there too, 

Yes, there are many who show the solidarity, they occupied the streets, raised the awareness and distributed the leaflets with charities and duas for thee, and this is all they can do on individual levels. 
But the mute rulers who have the wealth, resources at their disposal are silent in actions, as if nothing is happening to thee. 
Perhaps, they wanted to convey to thee that Just a matter of time. 

Have that distorted definition of sabr and suffer silently! 

And to us, perhaps their message is – you too will forget all these atrocities and your agitation will come to zero degree. 

Ah! One category, I forgot to mention to thee. 

“Perfect your emaan first, and do not say bad about the ruling elites, they are our Muslim rulers and we should not back bite, we should give husn ad Dhan and understand they are silent spectators as they cannot do anything because their hands are tied.”

Yes true, the hands are tied and the back to back unfolding events show to whom they are tied in loyalties. 

But We complain our grief to You’ O our Lord! 

Have Mercy upon us and open the closed doors. 

Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel ?

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