About My Book
The book begins with the startling event when the main protagonist Asiya who was at the threshold of her teenage got highly disturbed after witnessing the astonishing incident at the middle of the night at her aunt’s place. Shortly after this incident, she was taught in her science class about the reproduction in higher animals that got her neurons bombarded by more questions, as for her it was quite
hard to believe that everyone including herself was an upshot of this act. When she started searching for these answers, her queries were left unreciprocated under the cloak of ‘wisdom’, and that is what steered her think about escaping to a place where her questions may be addressed and for her that escape was a
hostel, where she further explored the higher questions, the imperative subjects about God, purpose of
life, life and death, the art of tackling the ups and downs of life, the oppression in the society and
our role in the resistance, fate and destiny – which further provoked her to wonder that if everything is
pre-destined by God then why do good and avoid evil, and if everything happens by His will then why there are rewards and punishments.

Reflections – is an inspirational book which will liberate one from the manacles of heart and mind.