And when you pray for strength

Alhamdulillah, few months back we went to umrah (may Allah swt accept it, ameen).
We, as a family has pre decided not to wait for the other member and anyone can go anytime without the other to pray even late nights.

One late night, I thought of going alone, but I realised my feet were swollen and there was remarkable pain in it.

I thought of not going but then finally I decided to go.

The moment I went infront of the magnificent Kaaba, I just looked up to it and said to Allah swt that “Ya Rabb! I am very tired, exhausted, my feet are swelling right now because of pain as I don’t walk so much usually, but here I came, my Love infront of You, accept my duas and forgive my sins and give me strength to be strong and to even go back to my hotel as I don’t know how will I go with this pain.”
The moment I finished my requests to Him, while doing tawaf,
I realised a big heavy burden on my shoulders, what I saw was a middle aged, heavy woman, who said she got lost from her family and was unable to walk by herself without support, her hand was on my shoulder and she was literally putting a lot of weight on me as a support to walk forward while doing tawaf.

SubhanAllah! I was like Ya Rabb!
I look towards the beautiful Kaaba again and expressed – “O ‘The Lord of all, The Lord of Kaaba, O’ Allah swt, Ya Rabbi, I have just finished my concern to you that I came to you as weak, with swollen feet, with pain and I just prayed for the strength for myself even to go back to hotel, and here one of your slave is literally leaning upon my weak shoulder for support, what to do Ya Rabb?”

The moment I said it, I realised the hands were gone and I felt relieved but in the spur of another moment I felt the same weight again, she was back again!

Then I looked again to Kaaba which was standing glorious in the dark night, I said –
“Ya Rabb! Agar yehi apko manzoor hai ke mein khud aise haal mein apke ek aur bandey ka wazan bhi sambhaalu to yehi sahi, shayad yehi Apko pasand ajaaye.”
Then the lady finished the whole tawaf with me, leaning on my shoulder.

After that, I rested a little, sipped zam zam and felt like all energised to do another tawaf.

SubhanAllah! Perhaps, He wanted to teach me that no matter how weak, swollen legs, overburdened, fatigued you feel, but what you need is sincere duas and a shoulder, a hand ready to help Allah’s creation.

Alhamdulillah, I did another tawaf that night, went hotel all refreshed and realised that if we want to relieve our burden then we have to share and relieve the burden of His creation for His sake inshaAllah.

I am writing this post, because I know so many  people who are doing amazing work for the sake of Allah swt, they are relieving the burden of countless people even in such hard times, during pandemic, when they too are tired, exhausted, but they are helping His creation directly and indirectly, through different means.

It was indeed Allah’s rehmat, His Mercy that I felt energised after doing that tawaf with that woman, but it is not always so, it may happen that even after sharing other’s burden and relieving them, you may not be energised at all, may be you may get a jolt in return BUT the feeling that for Whom it is done, has beautiful attributes like¬† Al Aleem – All Knowing,¬† should be sufficient to re – energise us, inshaAllah and for that we need to continuous remind ourselves through beneficial reminders.

Alhamdulillah, it is amazing that we think we are chosen as the zariya for other’s help and one should be grateful for it, but actually there is more to it, He swt has even made them a zariya for us, for our spiritual revival, for our upliftment in His sight.

We rise by elevating others.


The moment we prayed the dua of being strong, and we witness more hardships on our way to endure, then it is not the case that our duas has not been answered by Him – The Responder of duas and pleas, it is just that the process of its being answered is something we are unable to see and witness.

Trust Him, He is All Aware  and All Loving.
He is Al Aleem, Al Wadud,
He is Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem and He loves the muhsineen, the doer of good.

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